Circula Brain Review

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Rated: 6.5 out of 10

Circula Brain claims to be a brain support supplement aimed at all men and women regardless of age; however, many experts remain skeptical regarding the actual results this blend of ingredients provides. Many adults experience a slow down in mental activity with age. Brain supplements designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the brain claim to address this need, but only a few of them have any proven effect. Circula Brain has yet to distinguish itself, but a closer look at the recipe will give consumers a better idea of just what it does do.

Circula Brain Ingredients

Although finding a product website for Circula Brain proves difficult enough to leave searchers questioning its existence, a recent review by provides the following ingredient list: "Citric Acid, Electrolytes, Blue Green Algae, Rosehips, Cleavers Herb, Bilberry, Foti, Gotu Kola and Ginkgo Biloba Extract." Still, even the good people of WeKnowMemory are only taking a guess. Circula Brain, like many other supplements, does not disclose the exact ingredients.

Circula Brain Cost

Priced at about $40 per bottle, Circula Brain antes into the brain supplement market competitively. Unfortunately, it lacks many of the defining characteristics of a winner. None of the ingredients recently gaining acceptance due to positive lab tests appear in Circula Brain's ingredient list and Ginkgo, along with the products claims to stimulate clearer thought suggest that this product may be something of a stimulant, despite Circula Brain's claims that it contains "no harsh stimulants."

Does Circula Brain Work?

Rather than the confident 'yes' consumers await, reviewers are forced to admit that Circula Brain might work to some extent. Because it contains few of the ingredients proven to maintain good memory and healthy brain activity, this product may not be appropriate for long term use. In fact, the boosting effect it probably provides may have less to do with actual brain activity and more to do with mere wakefulness, a benefit which one could gain just as easily from a can of Coke. Still, justifying Circula Brain against the competition is difficult.

Circula Brain Alternatives

A number of brain support supplements available on the market surpass Circula Brain in terms of scientifically proven effect and customer testimonials, but Constant Focus is certainly one of the best. Combining many of the ingredients scientifically proven to improve retention and brain function, Constant Focus provides solid facts to justify using it. Perhaps just as importantly, information about Constant Focus is easy to find. Read our Constant Focus review.