Improve Your Memory with these Simple Exercises

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Do you find yourself forgetting simple things like where you left your keys or who you were about to call on the phone? Memory loss comes in several different levels of severity, and it can turn into a serious condition if you don't take proper action. The good news is there are simple things you can do to prevent memory loss.

Through simple mental exercises, you can improve your memory and ward off serious mental conditions. Think of it like going to the gym—brain exercises keep your mind in shape without having to break a sweat.

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Here are some easy mental exercises to keep you sharp.

Eat with Your Eyes Closed

Undoubtedly, this mental exercise sounds a bit strange at first. However, the point of this task is to improve your other senses. Eating with your eyes closed causes you to rely on your sense of touch so that you don't make a mess. It also sharpens your sense of taste and smell as you try to identify the foods you're eating.

Try to Shop without a List

One reason our memory fades over time is because we don't challenge our mind. Everything is too easy. Try going to the store without a shopping list. Your goal is to figure out a way to remember everything you need without writing it down. Break it down into categories (meats, canned goods, etc) or use memory aids to recall your list. See how many of the items you can remember to get.

Find New Activities

One bad habit many of us fall into is performing the same activities every day. Find something new to try. Whether this is something as simple as taking a new route to work or playing poker instead of solitaire, the important thing is that you switch your activities up. This will keep your brain focused on accomplishing new, challenging tasks.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Every day, you should try to learn a new word. actually has an email list where they send out a new word each day. Quiz yourself at the end of each week to see how many of these words you know the meaning of. Continuing your education is one of the most effective brain exercises for improving your memory.