Iceland Health Review

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Rated: 7.5 out of 10

Iceland HealthThe makers of Iceland Health play up the fact that Icelanders have the longest life expectancy and best health in the world (according to their website.) In light of this, they claim their product brings you all the benefits of a rich Icelandic diet, and as a result, you to will be as healthy as an Icelander.

It sounds like an interesting concept, but does Iceland Health really work? As far as this review is concerned, we're solely interested in the memory enhancing benefits this product claims to offer. We examined this product to determine if subjects do have improved memory after using Iceland Health, and our results are below.

Iceland Health Ingredients

Ingredients are the most important facet of any supplement. Without the right blend, a memory enhancer will never produce the desired results. Iceland Health is rich in Omega-3 fish oils. It's these oils that are believed to be responsible for the remarkable health of the Icelandic people. For years, scientists have been studying the benefits of Omega-3, and they've found a diet rich in these oils can be beneficial.

Iceland Health Cost

Unfortunately, most people will probably find Iceland Health to be out of their budget. The product is far more expensive than many of the other memory enhancers we tested, and frankly, there are products that produce more significant results at a fraction of the cost. So, while Iceland Health isn't a bad product, we feel it's simply overpriced.

Does Iceland Health Work?

Iceland Health actually performed pretty well in our tests. Omega-3 fish oils have long been lauded for their health benefits, but as a memory enhancer, there are still more effective products currently on the market. So, while Iceland Health certainly isn't a dud, it's also not the best available memory enhancer.

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