Ashwaganda for Brain Power and Memory Loss

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Ashwaganda for Brain Power and Memory LossThere are several supplements and herbs on the market today that claim to improve memory loss and increase brain power. One such herb on the market today called Ashwaganda (also spelled Ashwaganda) claims to decrease memory loss, increase brain power and act as an aphrodisiac – but is Ashwaganda really effective?

What is Ashwaganda?

Ashwaganda is a hot plant, wood shrub that grows in Southern India and parts of North America. It grows all year round and it is harvested during the winter months. The root of the plant is where the supposed medicinal qualities are said to come from. The Ashwaganda plant takes a full year to grow to full maturity.

Functions of Ashwaganda

Ashwaganda is supposed to stabilize the body’s physiological functions. It contains alkaloids and steroidal lactones that are believed to lower libido and increase sexual prowess. It is also believed to act as a mild sedative. Ashwaganda is said to function as a physical endurance enhancer, a vitamin C booster, a rejuvenator and an immune booster. The root is believed to balance the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

Ashwaganda for Brain Power

Ashwaganda is also being marketed as a memory loss aid and a brain power supplement. The only problem with this claim is that there is no documented scientific proof that this root actually increases brain power or decreases memory loss. There may be a placebo effect happening with this substance, that once a person is told that this is a memory enhancing drug they immediately feel rejuvenated and their memory seems to increase. Ashwaganda does not seem to be a proven effective memory loss or brain power ingredient in any supplement.

Is Ashwaganda an effective memory loss or brain power ingredient?

While there are many supplements on the market today that claim to increase brain power, or decrease memory loss, the truth of the matter is that psychological persuasion is very powerful, and any type of change in brain power or memory loss can be done by constantly exercising the brain, eating healthy and exercising the body. Leading a healthy lifestyle is essential to feeding the brain thereby causing it to increase in ability, and memory loss can be improved by eating more vegetables and fruits and by physical exercise that not only works out your body, but has been shown to keep your brain healthy too!

Ashwaganda is claimed to be the mood booster and the anxiety calmer as well as a de-stresser, however the root makes several claims that have not been scientifically proven. Herbs and supplements can add to the overall well being and health of individuals but everything needs to be taken with the knowledge of the true effects and the side effects. Herbs that have been known to promote brain health include:

  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzia serrata
  • Choline

For those looking to optimize brain power, it’s best to find a supplement that includes a combination of the ingredients mentioned above. To see which brain health supplements are most effective check out the product reviews.