BioTRUST Brain Bright: Will it Really Prevent "Brain Drain"?

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Rated: 6.0 out of 10

BioTRUST blames most people's mental sluggishness, compromised memory, and general fatigue on a concept they have labeled "Brain Drain". The manufacturers of BioTRUST blame this drain on everything from legitimate causes, such as poor sleep and nutritional deficiencies, to some more questionable scapegoats, like "brain toxins", GMO food, and electromagnetic radiation. But with their unique formula of 5 synergistic and scientifically proven "neuro-nutrients", BioTRUST promises that they are offering the best supplement on the nootropic market to cure the average person of this dreaded Brain Drain.

But how true are these claims, really? Our review experts got curious, and decided to put BioTRUST to the test. Are there effectiveness claims based on actual sound science? We analyzed these claims, and many more, before we came up with a final rating for BioTRUST Brain Bright.

What Is BioTRUST Brain Bright?

BioTRUST is one of many non-prescription cognitive enhancement supplements, often known in the nutraceutical world as "nootropics", available for sale online. Not only can you buy directly from the manufacturer's website, but they also have an Amazon marketplace page. Fancy!

BioTRUST's "Neuro-Nutrient" Ingredients List

Regular nutrients aren't good enough to show up on the label of the BioTRUST Brain Bright formula - only "Neuro-Nutrients" are! Together, these somehow superior neuro-nutrients work synergistically to successfully clear your mind and protect your precious neurons from the dreaded Brain Drain. And those nutrients include: Ginkgo Biloba, for enhanced blood flow and nutrient delivery directly to the brain; Rhodiola rosea, a plant extract which seems particularly well-suited to reduce mental fatigue in certain studies; L-Theanine, but only the super-fancy form extracted from East Asian tea leaves; N-Acetyl Tyrosine, a special precursor to amino acids which, according to professional athletes, can help enhance alertness; and Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC), for metabolizing fat in a more efficient way which feeds your neurons as opposed to expanding your waistline.

When our Review Squad took a look at the list above, all of those purportedly special Neuro-Nutrients seemed like regular ol' nutrients to us; but then again, we're just product review specialists, not nutritionists. Also, the formula is caffeine free, just in case you were worried about this being a "Stimulant in disguise" formula, or you're sensitive to caffeine.

Reviews about BioTRUST

The Amazon marketplace page we mentioned earlier has some reviews for BioTRUST Brain Bright - a grand total of two. And of those two, one was from a professional Amazon review writer who does disclose that they received a free sample in exchange for their review. The other review, also five stars, actually seems like it was written by a real human being.

Final Word: Will BioTRUST Un-Drain Your Brain?

Well, Ms. Jeanie on Amazon claims that her experience with BioTRUST Bright Brain is "so far so good". Unfortunately, her words are the only non-biased review we could find after scouring the internet. That, and the fact that the Brain Bright formula has many scientific studies about its ingredients, and not the actual supplement itself, has us a little concerned about how truly effective it might be.

If Jeanie's high praise hasn't swayed you yet, don't worry - there are other options. You can learn more about them by clicking here for our top picks.