Addium (the "Limitless Pill") Review

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Rated: 8.5 out of 10

AddiumHave you ever seen the movie Limitless? In case you haven't, it's a big-budget Hollywood movie about a struggling writer who comes across a drug which gives him the power to use 100% of his brain. He then goes on to use his new drug-induced super-human cognitive abilities to make a fortune.

Obviously, the plot of the movie is pure fiction and not such pill exists - or does it? Well, the makers of Addium would have you believe that yes, it does. And they're also willing to sell you that pill for a modest price. But are these claims legitimate? Or is this yet another in a long line of products with lofty, false promises?

We wanted to find the answers to these questions for ourselves, so we decided to perform an in-depth analysis of Addium, its claims, and what actual customers really think of the product. This article is the result of our efforts.

What Is Addium?

As we've already covered, Addium is the pill that the fictional movie Limitless was (allegedly) based on. Positive advertisements online claim that the nootropic effects of Addium can do everything from increasing your energy levels, focus, concentration, and memory, to helping "men effortlessly attract and seduce beautiful women" by increasing their "quick wit and charm".

Which Ingredients are in Addium?

Many different pages on the web claim to know the ingredients in Addium - but not all of them are discussing the same ingredients. One of the most glowing reviews claims that bee pollen, and it alone, is responsible for Addium's nootropic effects. Other reviewers discuss a potent B-vitamin blend with GABA, L-Theanine, and Huperzine. Be warned, though: customers who are sensitive to caffeine will likely have a reaction to the high levels of caffeine in Addium.

Popular Addium Reviews

Many customers who bought and used Addium reported a red flushing of the skin, which is a common side effect people experience when large doses of Niacin (an essential B vitamin) are present in the bloodstream. Some customers liked the caffeine rush which the product gave them, while others felt too jittery. Several customers reported an energy crash within 4-5 hours after their first dose.

Is Addium Really the "Limitless" Pill?

If you believe the advertising hype behind Addium, it appears as though the official Limitless twitter account mentioned Addium by name, and that Forbes Magazine called Addium "brain Viagra". Strangely, however, the original Limitless tweet doesn't mention Addium at all, and a search of the Forbes archives for 'Addium' yields zero results.

On one side of the fence, there are people who believe that Addium will revolutionize the way your brain works, increase your ability to attract/seduce women, and make you the best version of yourself that has ever existed. On the other side are unhappy customers who reported niacin-induced skin rashes, caffeine jitters, horrible energy crashes, and even threw the word "scam" around several times.

But Addium isn't the only contender in the nootropic market. If you still aren't sold on this pill yet, take a look at our reviews section to see how it compares to the best products available.