Core4Life Review

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Rated: 6.4 out of 10

Almost everyone knows that exercise has a positive effect on our physical appearance. We do feel better about who we are when we are able to see our feet or when we can get into a favorite pair of jeans and are able to zip them. In order for our brains to operate effectively it needs exercise too. Physical exercise increases the blood supply to the brain and that in turn increases our sense of well being. But other issues, like a lack of focus, forgetfulness and mental alertness need to be address in other ways. One way is to learn how to exercise the brain and another way is to find the right supplement that will help you start a brain exercise program that keeps you alert, calm and full of positive energy.

Nutrition 21 Inc., which is based in Purchase, NY introduced the supplement Core4Life to address some of those issues and it has made a difference in some people's lives. Nutrition 21 Inc. calls Core4Life an Advanced Memory Formula that contains the nutrients PS and DHA, which help increase communication between the cells in the brain. It also contains a combination of chromium picolinate, Phosphatidylserine along with the other ingredients to help improve memory and maintain a healthy mental attitude. Core4Life has been deemed safe by the FDA and is sold nationwide in the vitamin section of major retail chains.

Core4Life Ingredients

Core4Life contains the following ingredients:

  • Chromium picolinate provides a healthy amount of glucose to the brain.
  • PS or Phosphatidylserine improves memory by supporting communication between brain cells.
  • DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid which improves heart and brain functions and their abilities.

Core4Life Cost

Core4Life can be purchased on several websites. One bottle of 90 soft gels costs $39.90. You can but two bottles for $36.90 each or 3 bottles for $119.70 and get free shipping.

Does Core4Life Work?

There are several reviews that claim Core4Life has helped individuals with memory loss. Other reviews say that no benefits were experienced when the supplement was used. The good reviews do outweigh the bad ones; so some people have been happy with the results of Core4Life. Whether to use Core4Life or another supplement is an individual choice based on the research done on the supplements. One brain supplement that has a proven track record with memory loss, lack of focus and confusion is Constant Focus. Review after review list the benefits of Constant Focus especially when it comes to treating not just one issue, but a combination of issues. Constant focus improves the quality of life by enhancing cognitive functions. If forgetfulness, focusing issues and present awareness are becoming a challenge, Constant Focus can help restore a sense of well being to everyday life. Begin a brain exercise program using Constant Focus and your mental muscles will thank you for it.