Listol Product Review

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Rated: 7.0 out of 10

ListolListol is targeted toward both adults and children over the age of 6 who suffer from ADD and ADHD. Listol claims to increase focus and concentration.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate for ADHD diagnosis in children continues to increase. In 2011, statistics show 11% of children were diagnosed with the condition. This directly impacts several things, including an inability to focus in school or, for adults, at work. In children as well as in adults, ADHD is reported as the fastest growing behavioral disorder in the U.S.

Because Listol is known to enhance focus and concentration, we will specifically focus on these claims.

What is Listol?

Listol is a Progressive Health multi-vitamin supplement that aims to treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. It promotes itself as being a natural, non-toxic ADHD remedy because it allegedly uses all-natural ingredients. The nutrients in Listol are said to help support the Central Nervous System in controlling ADHD symptoms -- specifically, focus and concentration.

Listol claims it is different from other supplements and prescriptions that deal with these symptoms not only for its natural properties, but also for its limited side effects. Many parents fear that most ADD and ADHD medications and supplements make children -- and even adults -- jittery, nauseous, and promote sleeplessness.

Listol Ingredients

The main ingredients in Listol include glycine, DMAE Bitartrate, magnesium, and GABA powder. Its extensive ingredient list also includes calcium, copper, Di-Methyl glycine, Huperzine A extract, iron, phosphatidylserine, Vitamin B6, zinc, gelatin, rice powder, and Magnesium Stearate.

Listol Reviews

According to Listol's official website, nine out of ten customers find Listol to be effective for both focus and concentration. While there are plenty of positive reviews, it's important to note a trend projecting that initial improvements occur about 6 to 8 weeks into taking the supplement. There are handful of users and parents of users who have seen no difference after taking the product, which is rather costly, especially compared to other alternatives. Overall, it is apparent that Listol's effectiveness can only be measured by each individual case.

Does Listol Really Work?

Again, Listol seems to work for some, but not for others. However, between the expensive price of the product and the lengthy time it takes to notice whether there's a difference or not, it is probably much more cost-effective (and time-saving) to invest in an affordable product that is consistent in terms of effectiveness. Also, Listol's lengthy ingredient list may raise flags for some. We recommend saving time and money with a more credible alternative.

You can buy Listol online, or learn more about the top-rated product.