NeuroFuzion Review

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Rated: 6.5 out of 10

NeurofuzionNootropics are a difficult type of supplement to categorize due to the fact that they can serve so many functions. Some of them focus on helping you improve your memory. Others make the ambiguous claim of helping with mental clarity and focus. Still others are more focused on supporting a healthy mood.

So which is better: taking one nootropic that claims to fix all of the above, or finding multiple formulas which are focused on a single problem? Well, some manufacturers go the 'single problem' route, and this review is focused on one such product: NeuroFuzion.

What Is NeuroFuzion?

NeuroFuzion is a supplement that can technically be classified as a nootropic because of how it influences your mood. It promises that, through natural extracts and minerals, you can improve your mood. By extension, NeuroFuzion can also help you sleep better, reduce your overall stress, and improve your quality of life through improving your emotional wellness.

NeuroFuzion Ingredients

Interestingly, one of the main components of NeuroFuzion is Lithium. In psychiatric medicine, Lithium is a prescription medication used to treat bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and major depression in patients who have not responded to preliminary therapies. But you can also purchase lithium without a prescription, and quite cheaply too.

Other ingredients in the NeuroFuzion formula include zinc, and a proprietary blend of both trademarked herbs and other popular botanical therapies for mood disorders such as St. John's Wort, Saffron, and Passion Flower.

Unlike many nootropics, there is no caffeine included in the NeuroFuzion formula. This makes sense, since caffeine is known to make people more irritable and therefore make mood problems worse. It can also interfere with proper sleep if consumed too soon before bed.

Reviews about NeuroFuzion

The nootropic NeuroFuzion is sold exclusively through the Global Healing Center website. Many of the reviews are highly polarized, meaning that some are 5-star "this product works!" praise next to comments about how the product does not work, and was a waste of their money.

As official as the name "Global Healing Center" sounds, it is actually just the name of the company through which the inventor of NeuroFuzion, Dr. Edward F. Group, sells his homeopathic health and wellness products. Dr. Group has many passionate videos on his website and also on YouTube preaching the benefits of his all-natural health and wellness products, and how they are an effective alternative to traditional pharmaceutical therapies.

How Well Does NeuroFuzion Actually Work?

Well, for starters, the product reviews are a little inconclusive. You have some customers raving the product, while others claim it didn't work for them at all. Secondly, while Dr. Group seems to have a storied and credentialed history in the medical community, and sheds some important light on the dangers of prescription pharmaceutical therapies, it doesn't necessarily prove that his products are any more effective or any less dangerous. Lastly, anyone taking hormonal birth control is strongly advised to avoid products which contain St. John's Wort due to the fact that it renders the pill ineffective.

NeuroFuzion sounds like a coin-flip; however, there are more effective nootropics available. Click here for our top picks.