BrainQuicken Product Review

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Rated: 7.5 out of 10

BrainQuicken BrainQuicken, also known as BodyQuick, is a supplement for the brain that claims to improve things like study skills, athletic performance, and sharpening memory. It allegedly helps the brain with concentration functions, and though it is primarily marketed toward athletes as a sports nutrition formula, it can also be used by students, employers, and anyone looking to maximize mental performance.

In the digital age of information overload, distractions are almost inevitable. Focusing and concentrating on a task at-hand is extremely important, and finding a solution that helps improve this is just as important.

Because BrainQuicken aims to improve mental health, we will focus specifically on this claim.

What is BrainQuicken?

Founded by productivity guru and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss, BrainQuicken is marketed as a "pharmaceutical grade cognitive and neural support complex" that claims to improve mental performance without a neural accelerator. Therefore, it takes a more herbal approach than most other supplements. According to its product guide on, the supplement is known to set in quickly - it touts that it is the "fastest-acting cognitive performance product" in the market - and lasts about 2-6 hours after it's taken. The product descriptor also notes that BrainQuicken specifically targets to increase of short-term memory and reaction speed beyond 35%.

Ferriss sold the product to a London-based private equity firm in 2010, and it has been reported that BrainQuicken has been changed more than 27 times in a period of six years, which raises some red flags. Some reviews even claim the product had been taken off the market for some time.

BrainQuicken Ingredients

BrainQuicken is made up of a handful of ingredients - mainly niacinamide, Vitamin B6, folic acid, Vitamin B12, pantothenic acid. According to its label, the supplement also includes paullinia cupana, alpha-lipoic acid, and a proprietary cognamine complex, which includes 11 ingredients - none of which have been evaluated by the FDA, the label notes. Other ingredients included in the product include gelatin, magnesium stearate, and silica. Because of its more herbal approach, BrainQuicken does not include ephedrine, ephedra, prohormones, yohimbine, or other dangerous stimulant compounds.

BrainQuicken Reviews

As most products go, reviews are mixed. Some users claim it took them a few tries to feel any effects, while others swear by it or claim it did not do anything for them. Still, many are suspicious about the product's claims, and perhaps the varying opinions have something to do with the once constantly changing formula. There's a chance, for example, that those with more positive reviews consumed the supplement after the formula had been improved.

It has been concluded numerous times that, while the company behind BrainQuicken advertises a money-back guarantee if the product does not work, there is actually no money-back option available to customers on its site. And, while many products offer free samples - a "try before you by" approach - BrainQuicken does not, so an investment must be paid upfront rather blindly.

Does BrainQuicken Really Work?

BrainQuicken's claims have not been scientifically proven, but its ingredients include a good amount of healthy, beneficial vitamins. However, with so much inconsistency in effectiveness and ingredient line-up, we recommend trying a similar product that proves to be more consistent to ensure you're getting your money's worth.

You can buy BrainQuicken online, or learn more about the top-rated product.