Neurostin Review

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Rated: 5.8 out of 10

As people get older, their brain power tends to fade. Memory loss is one of the mainstays of growing old, but more and more people are refusing to accept it. Instead, they are turning to memory loss supplements for help. One of the newer brain power supplements on the market today is called Neurostin. While it purports to help fight off memory loss, Neurostin doesn't actually contain the kinds of ingredients that will legitimately boost brain power. Those who take Neurostin are undoubtedly in for a major disappointment.

What Is Neurostin?

NeurostinNeurostin is a brain power supplement that is supposed to help reverse common effects of aging, including memory loss. According to the makers of Neurostin, this supplement is supposed to boost the body's production of choline; in turn, brain power is increased and memory loss is decreased. Despite all of the big claims of the company that manufactures Neurostin, though, it is plain to see that this supplement leaves a lot to be desired. People who seriously want to stop memory loss need to look elsewhere.

Neurostin Benefits and Claims

The makers of Neurostin claim that this supplement provides many key benefits. Of course, it is supposed to improve brain power and reduce memory loss. On top of that, though, the makers of Neurostin claim that it can make brain cells healthier and that it can increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. It's plain to see that Neurostin falls far short of all of these promises. Whether it's memory loss benefits, increased brain power or other claims, Neurostin simply doesn't have what it takes.

Neurostin Ingredients

With ingredients like Phosphatidylserine and Vinpocetine, it's not surprising that many people are scratching their heads about the supposed effectiveness of Neurostin. While folic acid - which is also found in Neurostin - has proven abilities to help improve brain power, the other primary ingredients in Neurostin's formula have never been shown to provide any such benefits. In other words, Neurostin's formula is severely lacking when it comes to putting an end to memory loss.

Buy Neurostin

One box of Neurostin - or a one month supply - will set you back $50. Compared with other memory loss and brain power supplements, this is exorbitantly expensive. You can order two boxes of Neurostin for $90, but you're only saving $10 by doing that. Even if you order a four months' supply of Neurostin - which costs $150 - you're only saving $50. There are much cheaper ways to fight back against memory loss and to improve brain power.

Does Neurostin Work?

When all is said and done, it is easy to see that Neurostin just isn't a viable option for people who want to put an end to their memory loss problem. People who want to improve their brain power won't benefit at all from the strange formula that can be found in Neurostin. Science does not back up Neurostin's claims, and you are much better off investing your money on a more reputable product. Want to learn about the top rated brain supplements? Read our reviews.