Brain Games Improve Your Brain Fitness

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As people age, the memory begins to play tricks. Experiencing that "senior moment" can be embarrassing, annoying, sometimes frightening or even dangerous. Is memory loss an inevitable part of the aging process? Not necessarily. New research indicates that the brain continues to produce new neurons. The problem is, rather, that people tend to engage in activities that are familiar and routine, so that the new nerve cells are never stimulated. Just as exercise improves body fitness, exercises can improve brain fitness.

Best brain pill How Brain Fitness Games Work

Playing brain games is a proven way to improve brain fitness. Brain games are games which are designed to force the brain into using new neural pathways. Brain fitness is improved by engaging these new cells. Staying mentally active by playing brain games is a simple way to ensure that the brain will not become lethargic and lazy.

Brain Games You Can do When You're Bored

When a person is bored the brain is sending a message that it craves stimulation. Brain games can provide that stimulus. Any game which is new to you can improve your brain fitness. Many web sites offer free, short, fun games billed as brain games to play when you are bored. Brain games can be loaded on PDA's to play whenever one has a spare minute. Word games or puzzles, number games, speed coordination games, and spatial relationship puzzles and games are all types of brain games.

Brain Games You Can Play with Others

One can also be social and improve brain fitness. Playing cards or working puzzles competitively are all brain games. Strategy games, chess being the ultimate example, will improve your brain fitness. For those who find chess daunting, the game itself is not the key issue. What is important to make any game a brain game that will improve brain fitness is that it be something new and challenging to the person playing it. A game of solitaire that is familiar and can be played while half asleep is not going to improve brain fitness. Switching to doing crossword puzzles or sudoku for a while will be stimulating. Variety is critical.

How to Cheat at Brain Games

It's legal to cheat at brain games! Many supplements improve brain function which increases brain fitness. Constant Focus works so great it's almost cheating! Constant Focus contains Ginkgo Biloba which increases blood flow to the brain, Vinpocetine to boost memory function, and Huperzia serrata which preserves neuron message efficiency. Just as providing nutrients and exercising will build a strong body, brain fitness can be enhanced with supplements and by stimulating neurons by playing brain games.