Prevagen Review: How Prevagen Worked For Me

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Rated: 5.8 out of 10

Memory loss is no laughing matter; unfortunately, it can be a natural part of the aging process. If you've been experiencing a reduction in brain power, you might be looking for a supplement that can help. Prevagen is one memory loss supplement that is being sold on the market today; unfortunately, Prevagen didn't do a whole lot when it came to boosting my brain power. If you're looking for a top-notch memory loss supplement, you may want to look for a product that offers a more comprehensive set of ingredients.

What Is Prevagen?

PrevagenPrevagen is a brain power supplement that claims to perform many key benefits for people who are experiencing memory loss. Overall, it claims to help make your brain stronger and healthier; by doing so, Prevagen is supposed to help boost your brain power. In addition to helping with memory loss, Prevagen is supposed to help you concentrate more easily and claims to help you focus on important things better. All told, though, I found Prevagen to be less effective than I would have liked.

Prevagen Benefits and Claims

Like so many other brain power supplements that are on the market today, Prevagen claims to help improve memory and concentration. Supposedly, brain cells are protected from the effects of aging through apoaequorin, the active ingredient in Prevagen; in turn, memory loss is supposed to lessen and brain power is supposed to improve.

However, a little research reveals an interesting aspect to the Prevagen formulation. The Prevagen label lists a single active ingredient, apoaequorin, in a quantity of 10mg. Now, the company website offers some interesting clinical data on apoaequorin and its use as a brain support supplement. You can review this information for yourself at

Prevagen Ingredients

You'd expect a memory loss supplement to contain ingredients that are associated with boosting brain power. Prevagen, however, does not contain a wide variety of active ingredients.

Most brain support supplements, whether they're tablets or capsules, hold 400-600 mg of powdered ingredients. However, each Prevagen capsule holds only 10mg of active ingredient. You can see this information on the Prevagen label pictured here. That's a third party site. At the time of this writing, no specific information can be found on the Prevagen site itself.

Apoaequorin is a calcium-binding protein is thought to help improve brain health and extend the life of individual brain cells. This single-ingredient approach overlooks the research supporting the benefits of many other ingredients including B vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, bacopa monnieri, vinpocetine and other herbal powerhouses.

Should You Buy Prevagen?

Prevagen is a fairly expensive product. Many memory loss products have much better deals to offer people who seriously want to put an end to their brain power issues. If you choose to spend your money on a brain support supplement, you may want to choose a product that contains a wider spectrum of active ingredients including B vitamins and the entire suite of effective herbals. You can decide for yourself whether you want to invest in Prevagen and its single active ingredient.

Does Prevagen Work?

There are many topnotch memory loss products available, and most of them have a wide spectrum of active ingredients. If you're looking for a brain power supplement that will produce a variety of positive results, Prevagen may not be right for you. Memory loss can be managed, and you really can increase your brain power. It's a matter of choosing the supplement that best addresses the particular challenges you face. For better options, check out or product reviews.