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HydroxypiracetamAlso known as oxiracetam, hydroxypiracetam is related to the racetam (ra-see-tam) group of nootropic drugs, the most commonly known being piracetam, aniracetam, and pramiracetam. It is not currently FDA approved in the United States but is used in many parts of Europe as a cognitive supplement.

What is Hydroxypiracetam?

Racetam drugs such as hydroxypiracetam generally have no agreed upon mechanism of action. They are thought to work similar to ampakines in that they are positive allosteric modulators for the AMPA receptor. Ampakines as well as other racetam drugs are known to have nootropic properties and therefore we can see the base potential for hydroxypiracetam to act in a similar fashion.

Hydroxypiracetam Benefits

Real world and laboratory studies conducted on hydroxypiracetam suggest a host of beneficial properties, which are not necessarily limited to those that are of an advanced age or suffering the effects of neurodegenerative conditions as many other supplements are. Tests done on laboratory animals and adult patients commended it for:

  • Substantially improved memory.
  • Significant elevation in levels of alertness.
  • Improved learning ability.
  • An improvement in attention span.
  • Enhanced recollection ability.
  • Benefits not limited to the aging.

Hydroxypiracetam Side Effects

Use of hydroxypiracetam has been found to be relatively safe, although some minor side effects have occurred. The most serious reported side effects were insomnia and upset stomach. Most users experiencing these side effects are encouraged to reduce their dosage or stop using it for a couple of days until side effects subside. The current recommended dosage of this particular racetam is 800mg, twice per day. It is generally available as a powder similar to sugar and may be mixed with a beverage. Because this version of the racetam is fat soluble, it is recommended that you dissolve it in a beverage containing cream. Consult your health care provider before deciding to combine use of hydroxypiracetam and other nootropic supplements and be sure to purchase your supplements from a reputable source.

How Does Hydroxypiracetam Help Brain Function?

It has already been shown that other racetams can enhance cognitive function and hydroxypiracetam is no different. The increase in cognitive skills such as memory, learning, and alertness make it a great way to boost your brain power. Although hydroxypiracetam may not yet be available where you reside, there are other racetams that are widely available on the market today, though they may not be quite as potent.

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