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Gabapentin ReviewsGabapentin, more popularly known by one of its brand names (Neurontin), is a pharmaceutical drug developed to cure epilepsy. Today, it has become a popular medication to help relieve neuropathic pain. There are issues however as to the reliability in addressing the latter. Gabapentin also has a number of other medical uses aside from the previously mentioned ones.

Gabapentin Benefits

Nowadays, Gabapentin is used to help sooth neuropathic pain. Even in low doses, it has been found to reduce acute pain and anxiety. In larger doses, the user could become numb and even feel fully insensitive. Although with mixed results, Gabapentin has also been used in the treatment of the symptoms from opiate withdrawal as well as from smoking withdrawal. Even its efficacy in relieving pain is not constant as it has had positive results for pain in multiple sclerosis but did not quite achieve the same success in treating complex regional pain syndrome.

Gabapentin Side Effects

Among the most common side effects that Gabapentin brings to adult users are drowsiness, dizziness and peripheral edema, or the swelling of the extremities. Among its younger users, hyperactivity, hostility, mood swings and problems in concentration have been found evident. Although in very rare cases, there have also been a few evidences of hepatotoxicity reported. Those patients, therefore, who are suffering from renal impairment, should be careful as it could lead to possible accumulation and toxicity.

When used for a long time, Gabapentin should not be stopped abruptly as it could lead to withdrawal symptoms similar to alcohol withdrawal. This could include anxiety, disorientation, insomnia, palpitations, confusion, hypertension, flu-like symptoms, chest pains and many others. It would be best to undergo gradual reduction for a few weeks or months to prevent these withdrawal symptoms.

How Does Gabapentin Help Brain Function?

The medication is used on epilepsy as it helps in stabilizing the electrical activity in the brain. Seizures and fits could happen because of the over stimulation of the brain, which occurs when there is an abnormal and rapid repetition in the electrical signals released in the brain. Gabapentin helps prevent this by mimicking the function of the neurotransmitter GABA, which serves as a natural "nerve calming" agent. As the nerve activity in the brain is calmed down, the chances of seizures occurring is reduced.

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