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Fipexide ReviewsFipexide, more commonly called by the brand name Attentil, is a drug developed in Italy in 1983. It is a psychoactive drug which means that this chemical substance acts primarily upon the central nervous system and could affect one's brain functions, which in this case usually results in a change of mood, cognitive behavior, perception and learning.

What Is Fipexide?

Fipexide is a nootropic (a memory enhancing drug), that was used in France and Italy used to treat senile dementia.

Fipexide Benefits

According to research, Fipexide is known to help increase dopamine to a certain level. A study had been conducted on the use of this nootropic on older people who had advanced stages of cognitive disorders. Although Fipexide did not help with recall, it had been found to greatly improve learning, which is associated with high levels of dopamine. This helped in the improvement of motor coordination and a stronger immune system.

Fipexide Side Effects

Part of the reason that Fipexide is no longer popularly used to treat senile dementia is because of the adverse side effects, including fever and hepatitis, that may result from taking it.

Other serious side effects that the medication brings include liver failure among some patients, which is the perhaps one of the reasons why the drug is no longer available in the USA and in Europe. It has since been replaced by newer, safer, more effective nootropics.

How Does Fipexide Help Brain Function?

Dopamine is a very important neurotransmitter because it carries important messages to the brain. Fipexide is found to help enhance the levels of dopamine in the brain thus helping in improving motor coordination, immune functions and even emotions. Aside from the cognitive skills, users of the drug have also been found to have enhanced concentration. Unlike other nootropics, however, Fipexide did not seem to have a positive effect in enhancing recall although it did quite well in memory consolidation.

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